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All Shook Up

We felt the tremors from the 5.8 earthquake even here in Columbia. Or at least my co-workers did. I was so intent on something I was doing that I thought it was just someone moving stuff upstairs. The first I heard of the event was when a colleague came by and said, “Did you feel the earthquake?”

If we have to have earthquakes, I suppose the best kind is one you don’t notice.

Here’s a little music to go with the shaking:

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Cell phone woes

If you tried to call me on my cell phone today I wasn’t there – because I lost the cellphone yesterday. Argh. And of course I had it on vibrate so I couldn’t just call myself.

Fortunately I have cell phone insurance. I put in a claim today and expect to get the phone TOMORROW — how about that?

In other news, I wore a pair of deep wine/brown loafers with black pants to work today. I didn’t even notice until about 10 a.m. when I looked down at my feet while in the bathroom. Aie yi yi…..

Oh – just got an e-mail from my credit card company asking me if the charge from the cell phone insurance company is fraudulent. Joy. Tune in tomorrow: Will Jennifer get a cell phone? Will her credit card be cancelled? Will she dress in the dark again?

Ah, well, tomorrow is another day…..