Back to work….

… and learning yet more stuff! A full week of classroom training and I come home to a 2-hour class. This is fortunately an interesting WebSphere Content Management (WCM) prototype class, which builds on all the usability lessons I learned last week.

My poor back is paying the price for all this sitting. My chiropractor is gonna be rich.

Cell phone woes

If you tried to call me on my cell phone today I wasn’t there – because I lost the cellphone yesterday. Argh. And of course I had it on vibrate so I couldn’t just call myself.

Fortunately I have cell phone insurance. I put in a claim today and expect to get the phone TOMORROW — how about that?

In other news, I wore a pair of deep wine/brown loafers with black pants to work today. I didn’t even notice until about 10 a.m. when I looked down at my feet while in the bathroom. Aie yi yi…..

Oh – just got an e-mail from my credit card company asking me if the charge from the cell phone insurance company is fraudulent. Joy. Tune in tomorrow: Will Jennifer get a cell phone? Will her credit card be cancelled? Will she dress in the dark again?

Ah, well, tomorrow is another day…..

Loving my new Kindle

Saturday I unwrapped my new Kindle (the next-generation Kindle! With 50% better contrast and room for 3,500 books!)

Sunday I started buying and reading books. For $15.96 I have already acquired:

  • The complete works of Charles Dickens
  • The complete works of Jane Austen
  • The Holy Bible, ASV, in Kindle format
  • The new novel by Fannie Flagg, I Still Dream About You.

Most of the classics are priced so cheaply (the collections were 99 cents and $1.99.) They’re pricing them to move.

I’ve already finished one book. I love, love, love my Kindle. Sure, your fancy-schmancy iPads can do everything but butter your toast, but for dedicated reading, the Kindle is ahead of everyone else. (And enough battery life on one charge to last a month! Wow.)