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A walk across the dam

Finally – doing something to live up to my 2nd resolution: to be healthy. I walked across the Lake Murray dam* Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

The Lake Murray Dam, aka officially the Dreher Shoals Dam
Everyone here knows it as the Lake Murray Dam; it takes walking across it to know that the "official" name is Dreher Shoals Dam.
Walkway on top of the Lake Murray Dam
Setting out on the walkway of the Lake Murray Dam. There are lots of walkers from 6 p.m. on.

The walk one way across is 1.8 miles. Lots of folks in Irmo and Lexington are out exercising on the dam walkway.

Love this Daylight Savings Time – it’s giving us more time to walk at night. And the beautiful weather is great for walking. Now, if we could just do something about the pollen.

Dreher Shoals Dam Intake Towers in the distance
The Intake Towers for the Dam are in the distance.

I wonder how often this little contraption is used to get workers back and forth from the dam to the Towers:

The "bosun's chair" to the Towers
If this were a ship, I'd say this was a "bo'sun's chair." Let's call it the "bo'sun's chair" to the Towers, shall we?

Sorry for the terrible photos – I forgot my camera and was relying on my itty-bitty non-smart phone.

*Okay, three-quarters of the way across and back. But that still comes to 2 miles total – I checked it with my car odometer after the walk.

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January Report

So how am I doing on those New Year’s Resolutions?

Diet – the less said the better. I’ll be back at Weight Watchers this Thursday.

Hospitality – that’s going much better. I had a dinner party the second Friday in January – wonderful time! I also had guests over for a New Year’s Day drop-in, and I hosted this month’s prayer gathering for the Sunday school class.

And I did a bunch of other stuff – got sick (again! Good grief, this season I’ve been down at least three or four times),  had beautiful new flooring installed – that’s its own separate drama and post – and joined two new Toastmasters groups. I’ve been staying too busy to post much. Sorry ’bout that, kids. I’ll do better.

Now for your viewing pleasure, a link my cousin Tim in North Dakota sent me about a train plowing its way through snow so deep you can’t even see the tracks (just click on the link):

Video taken at a crossing near Donnybrook, North Dakota, about 40 miles northwest of Minot on US 52.