To Do list

A day off and I am spending it getting ready for a drop-in on Saturday, as well as doing many tasks on my to-do list:

  1. Donate old computer monitor to the Oliver Gospel Mission for their Christian Life Development Program.
  2. Take tablecloth to dry cleaners.
  3. Rehearse speech for Toastmasters meeting at noon.
  4. Prepare introduction for Toastmasters speech.
  5. Make up final shopping list for party and then shop.
  6. Wash car later in the day or tomorrow … we’re going to have weather in the 50s! And then Saturday it should be in the 60s for New Year’s Day!
  7. Later – tidy up closet and set aside clothes for donations (take those to Goodwill.)
  8. Make batch of chocolate chip cookies.
  9. Oh, and today I have a Weight Watchers meeting at 6:30 p.m. ….

I need to be in the car on my way by 10 a.m. … better get a move on.

May all your Christmases be white ….

Okay, it came a day late, but it came! We have snow for the day after Christmas. If we were in England we’d call this Boxing Day. Behold the power of the Internet – I can add a link and you can find out what Boxing Day is.

Now I have the urge to sing Good King Wencelas.

Snow on Dec. 26 - St. Stephen's Day
Snow on Dec. 26, 2010
The bird's nest in the snow
Outdoors in the snow, Dec. 26
Outdoors, a bird nest in the snow
Snow on the bird nest

Sites I love … the Bookworm Room

Here’s an excerpt from this post on peace – after all, we are celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace this season:

“While discussing the nature and meaning of “peace” with my family, my sister-in-law (a former human resources specialist, very wise, and an excellent reader of people), drops this insight: “Aggression is in our nature: all people have a well of aggression that exhibits itself in different ways”.

Those that recognize it within themselves can learn to channel it in constructive ways, such as sports, martial arts, or business pursuits. Others expend it in destructive ways, such as gossip, politicking, undermining of others or open violence. The people who are most dangerous and the most vicious, to me, are those that don’t recognize it in themselves, because then the aggression is left to exhibit itself in uncontrolled manners.”

Excellent post – click over and read it all.