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Blessing no. 16

….is being tired from a long day – but a good tired, the kind of tired when you’ve been productive and had a great day. Not when you’re tired from the nervous exhaustion of worry or waiting or just having nothing significant to do. Today I was in an all-day training class at work. At first I thought it was just, ho-hum, oh well – a day away from my desk! But it was fascinating – about how trust can be built quickly; how to do it and how to quantify it. Now I can’t wait to finish reading the book that we got as part of the class – Stephen M.R. Covey’s The Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything. The author is the son of famed “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” author Stephen Covey. Talented family!

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Gift No. 15 – Lunch with Friends

Today I had lunch with three friends after church at the re-opened Atlanta Bread Company (yea!) It’s so great to  be able to talk and talk about anything and everything – nothing work-related, nothing stressful. One of my friends has been going through a rough patch, so I regaled her with stories about my minor irritations. They’re the kinds of things that are funny only when you look back on them: my two-week cold, then my war with a computer virus, which led to customer support lines and a fantasy of carrying out a Facebook-Dad style shooting of my old laptop. (I finally broke down and bought a new low-end Dell.) My friend said her son could probably fix it if I wanted him to try. Earlier I’d been joking with my Dad about all the efforts I’d put into trying to save that laptop – two hour-plus calls with Dell and a trip to the Geek Squad. I felt like I was living through a digitized version of the old Ladies’ Home Journal feature “Can this Marriage Be Saved?” I’ve been through three different “counselors” already! But now, with this new offer, I feel a glimmer of hope … perhaps that busted laptop can be saved….

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Lucky Number 13 …. 13th blessing that is

When I revamped my blog with the theme of consciously looking for and writing down my blessings, my first thought was how am I going to write a post a day about this? I’ve had this blog since July of 2010 and I’d only posted 121 times! I’m slammed for time (activities, activities, activities!) and frankly, I HAD been in a bad place mentally for the past three weeks, ever since I was so sick.

But the more you start counting your blessings and thinking about the gifts – the more you realize you have. Funny how a slight attitude shift changes everything.

Some new readers have stopped by recently – and that’s what I’m grateful for today. It’s so encouraging to know others are reading what you write, no matter how short. Or rushed.

Here’s one new reader’s blog which just makes me smile:  50 Things Before I turn 50. Isn’t that a great title?  Her latest post is about Love Lists – making a list of all the things you love about your home. She’s taken pictures and posted them on her blog, along with the stories behind each item.

Everyone: go check out this fantastic blog: Bucket List Publications. Lesley Carter shared an inspiring story of surviving her first day teaching school – the story isn’t what you think it is; it’s not a commentary on disrespectful teens. Go read it! And check out her bucket list giveaway. As soon as she gets $5,000 in donations she’s going to start making bucket list dreams a reality for some lucky readers.

And for lagniappe, one more blessing I just remembered from today. No. 14:  “The Big Bang Theory“. I worked out long enough on the treadmill today after work to see an entire 30-minute episode. Love me some Sheldon, Howard, Rajesh and Leonard!

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Gift No. 12

Finding great stuff online is what I’m grateful for today. Like these 10 easy tips on improving your life. What did we do before the World Wide Web? Without it I’d have never heard of these wonderful people:

The Pioneer Woman – Hilarious urbanite turned country girl shares recipes and stories of life on the ranch

Instapundit – Libertarian lawyer collates news and commentary from across the blogosphere

Seraphic Single  – One woman’s sharing how to stop worrying and enjoy the single life

Every one of these authors is worth a read – hop over and take a look!

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Blessing 10 – a chore-free evening

Today’s gift: not having to do laundry tonight! I’m so glad that everything got done this weekend – and I actually have time to think about something besides chores. Between chores, working, club activities and running errands, sometimes I feel like the proverbial hamster on the wheel.

But’s that really another blessing (No. 11) – having so much to keep me busy. As often as I get stressed over my schedule, it’s so much better than not having anything to do at all. Lots of great stuff is happening this week. I’m getting together with the girls tomorrow for Singles Awareness Day (that’s how we’re cheerfully dealing with it.) Dinner and a movie! Wednesday, I’m meeting with representatives from a local college about starting a community Toastmasters club on their campus. When that happens, I’ll get club sponsoring credit. And we’ll be spreading lots of Toastmasters enthusiasm to a whole new group.

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The joys of a free weekend… blessing no. 9

It is wonderful to NOT have to go into work today. Quite a few of my coworkers are implementing a major project code release today – and they’re at the office. One woman told me she’d be there from 8 to 4, another said she was supposed to be there from 10 to 6, but it would probably be more like 6 to 10! I’m so grateful I have this Saturday to take care of my stuff. Not that I have an entirely free day to loll around as I wish – not at all! The minute I quit typing and press enter I’ve got to start moving, list in hand. But it’s my stuff getting done and not the man’s – hurrah!

(And one thing on that list is coming back to my blog today and explaining what I mean by my list of gifts in my last post. All will be explained later today!)


Blessings upon blessings….

…and not enough time to write about them. I’ll catch up Saturday but for now a short list:

No. 6 – flannel sheets on my bed, so comfy when the temps drop to the 30s

No. 7 – a new flat screen monitor!

No. 8 – the Pesach Seder – no, I’m not converting. We had an educational event at our church, and it was beautiful.

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Gift no. 4 – Sweet Tea

My sore throat, the remnant of my cold from last week, demanded I pull in to the drive-thru this morning. I knew the moment I took that first sip what I was grateful for today. What would I do without a Route 44 Sweet Tea from Sonic? The house wine of the South. Nectar of the gods. Sweet elixir. Think I want another….