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Great shopping day

Today I spent a lot of money at Chapin Furniture, “in the heart of downtown Chapin, SC.” On Monday I’ll have a new curio cabinet to hold all the items catching dust around my patio home. I’m also getting a new dining room table and six matching chairs. Those won’t come for about four to six weeks – they’re still on a container ship making their way to Chapin. Here’s a picture of the curio (but mine’s in black).

Update: I located a picture of the table and chairs. I am so pleased – I got a great deal! I didn’t pay anywhere close to the price on this site. When I first saw this Web site, I groaned thinking the price listed in red was the price for the table and six chairs. Then I realized, no, that was the site’s price for just the table. I remember the sales lady telling me this is a great price, and I was thinking, yeah, yeah. But she was not telling me a story. I got a great deal. Dad would be proud.

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