Sunday lesson

Sunday lesson

I’m starting a new project at Notes from Aunt Jim. I’ll be sharing the week’s notes for our Adult Bible Fellowship either Friday or Saturday. Thanks to Kim, who posts these on our class’s section of the church Web site.

Series: What’s a New Testament Church Like?
Lesson Title: How Can I Express Love?
Date: Week of July 18
Lesson Passages: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Through this scripture God teaches us that before we can use our spiritual gifts, we have to understand what authentic love looks like. If our motives are self centered, our gifts are powerless. Love has to come first, without it faith and trust cannot exist.

As we grow into a deeper relationship with God, he changes our hearts and the way we love. We start to understand the love Jesus talked about when he tells us about forgiving someone 70 X 7 times, the last shall be first and the first shall be last, and that true loves means deep sacrifice.

How can we share our love with God?
1.      Do we talk to God, wait for His answer and then act on it?
2.      Do we take time to study His word and share His knowledge with others?
3.      Do we put aside our differences and pray for those who have hurt us?

God loves us with a love that is too deep to fathom, too wide to see across. He has called us to express a self-sacrificial love, one that always seeks the interests of someone else. The kind of love that will stop at nothing to meet the needs of others.

He is willing to teach us how to love graciously and to be magnificently compassionate to others. But first, we have to open our hearts to the changes that we need to make so that we truly reflect the light of Christ.

Invest your heart in someone you know who doesn’t know God’s love today. Become their friend, get to know their interests, show them what His love looks like, and then invite them to church. Let them know they are always welcome here.

Dear Lord, thank you for loving us the way you do. Help us to understand this authentic love so we can share it with others. Remind us to show sympathy to the believer who stumbles and forgiveness to the believer who disappoints us. Let us not be envious, prideful or disrespectful. Keep us on course to pursue the virtue of love. Amen

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