Sunday lesson

Sunday lesson

Sorry so behind! I’ve been playing hooky.

Series: What’s the Plan?
Lesson Title: God’s Power Comes By Grace
Date: Week of October 3
Lesson Passages: Ephesians 3:1-13

Through this scripture we are reminded that God’s grace is always miraculous. Too often we think we have to try hard to get close to God and only certain actions will make Him happy with our lives. But the Gospel message proclaims that God will make us the inheritors of all the promises given in Scripture.

Reading about the great work of Paul, and how much there was for God to forgive, we see there is hope for us.  Even God’s greatest enemy can be turned into a great missionary. The gospel is God’s grace, not God’s punishment.  Even those ignored, feared, and rejected by men have a place in God’s plan. His grace is sufficient for all humankind.


  1. Who did Christ use to lay the foundation or pave the way for your salvation? (It could be several people.)
  2. If we follow Paul’s example how should we view troubles we encounter in our attempts to serve the Lord? Are you aware that part of the reason you were saved is so that you can be an instrument of God’s grace reaching out to others?
  3. When you think about positions of service at church; do you view them as obligations or  opportunities?

Serving sacrificially is a topic that we often don’t like to consider. When it comes to giving of oneself we have our limits. A call to submission is a call to eternal life; to let go of everything and yield to the love of Jesus. This path will reveal more wonder and glory than we thought possible on this earth; but at the same time, it will ultimately make us prisoners of the call. The call of the gospel will cause us to suffer. It cost Paul everything: his freedom, his respect, his life. And it was worth it.

Paul clearly understood his purpose in ministry. It is not until we understand our purpose that we are really ready to receive God’s gift of grace unto service. Are you confident that you are serving in the capacity God planned for you? If you are not sure, share your concerns with a church leader and make it a matter of prayer so that you will be fulfilled in your calling of salvation unto good works.

Dear Lord, thank you for giving us great perspective on how we should view serving. Help us to keep you as our focus so that honoring you is our goal. Remind us that we are free to serve without fear of failure.  By remembering this, we will be able to experience your grace working powerfully through us. Give us confidence to speak to our neighbors and tell them that you have graciously reached out to make those who were before far from you, your own.  Amen

with thanks to my Sunday School classmate Kim Westbury

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