Sunday lesson

Sunday Lesson

Wow, I’ve really let posting go this past month. I’ve been working on some projects and doing a million things offline. Here we go with this timely reminder of what’s important.
Sunday Lesson provided by Kim Westbury. Thanks, Kim!
Series:                              What’s The Plan?
Lesson Title:               Being Respectful
Date:                                 Week of November 21
Lesson Passages:      Ephesians 6:1-9

Through this scripture Paul speaks to us about relationships with parents, children, and employers. When a person becomes a Christian, their relationship with Christ will begin to spill over into every relationship they have. Similarly, when parents submit and show respect to each other, their children will show respect to them and others. This pattern will be handed down throughout generations.
(My note: In the passage the Bible speaks about slavery. This was an accepted practice in the area Paul lived in at that time.)

  1. Can a parent submit to his/her children and yet lead?
  2. How does our love for Christ reflect in our obedience?
  3. Should we submit to parents who don’t follow God’s laws?
To honor is to be obedience to God from the heart.  This means not speaking poorly about your parents, your children or your boss to your friends.
Be a good example to your children. Admit your mistakes, be consistent, be fair and give them choices that teach them responsibility.
Be a good example at work. Don’t just do what you have to do to get by, but work heartily obeying your real boss, God. Good work will get you good pay from your master.
How do you honor your boss, parents, and children? How have you dishonored them? Pinpoint areas in which you need to improve. Think of how you can honor them with your words, actions and thoughts in the coming week.
Dear God, thank you for showing us how to build a closer relationship with you daily. Motivate us to share this relationship with others through submission. We understand how resistance shuts the door to learning and growing. Change our attitudes and remind us to treat others with honor and respect. Amen

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