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Cookie Time!

Today I turned the kitchen into a factory to make Christmas gifts.

Sunbeam Mixmaster
I inherited my vintage mixer, a Sunbeam Mixmaster, from my Grandmother Shuler.

I just realized that I made cookies for gifts one year before I even had a mixer. I have no idea how I managed to mix up the dough for 60 dozen cookies that year (yes, that’s right, I made 60 dozen. Baked for days.) I was much younger then.

I just took these right out of the oven. Yum!

Cookies right out of the oven
Behold the deliciousness

After they cool a couple of minutes in the pan you have to let the cookies cool completely on the rack so the bottoms get nice and crisp.

Cookies cooling on the rack
Wire cooling rack by Pampered Chef. Plus my other kitchen essentials - favorite cookbooks and crockpot.

After five dozen cookies I decided to stop and see the latest Harry Potter movie. Very good!

Five dozen cookies
Five dozen cookies later, I'm halfway through today's baking session.

Now I’m ready to play Santa’s helper! My friend and next-door neighbor Kim got the first bag.  She sampled them all for you. Her eyes rolled back into her head when she took that first bite. Then she groaned. I think that’s good.

Cookies wrapped in gift bag
Cookies = Love

So, all you lucky cookie recipients – you have a great present coming to you!

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