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Progress check

It’s 11:02 p.m. – let’s check Aunt Jim’s progress, shall we?

  1. Donate old computer monitor to the Oliver Gospel Mission for their Christian Life Development Program. – Done.
  2. Take tablecloth to dry cleaners. – Done.
  3. Rehearse speech for Toastmasters meeting at noon. – Done.
  4. Prepare introduction for Toastmasters speech. – Done.
  5. Make up final shopping list for party and then shop. – Done.
  6. Wash car later in the day or tomorrow … we’re going to have weather in the 50s! And then Saturday it should be in the 60s for New Year’s Day! (Not done – car washing is for Friday or Saturday.)
  7. Later – tidy up closet and set aside clothes for donations (take those to Goodwill.) – Done!
  8. Make batch of chocolate chip cookies. – Done!
  9. Oh, and today I have a Weight Watchers meeting at 6:30 p.m. – Done! (And I lost 2 pounds 🙂 Yea me!)

Oh, and I also:  Went to Verizon to check on my bill; upgraded my phone (long overdue!) checked the mail and phoned in and picked up a prescription and balanced my checkbook.

All in all, a productive day!

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