Cat · Snow!

Crazy temps here at Chez Aunt Jim

Crazy low temps in SC
Our TVs themselves are going to freeze with these crazy low temperatures!

Yes, it is cold here at Aunt Jim’s house.  The weatherman said it would be blustery cold at noon tomorrow, with a 20-mph wind making it feel more like 27 degrees than 39 degrees.

Today I and my neighbor Kim ventured out to the grocery store to restock. We decided to go together for safety in numbers. Or just company – I’m not sure what having both of us stranded would accomplish. The roads were pretty deserted and quite slushy. We felt like Yukon explorers. Everywhere we looked were white fields.

Later in the day Pickles and I took a nap on the couch.

Pickles getting ready for a nap.
Why are you snapping a picture just as I'm getting comfortable? Put that away so we can take a nap.

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