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January Report

So how am I doing on those New Year’s Resolutions?

Diet – the less said the better. I’ll be back at Weight Watchers this Thursday.

Hospitality – that’s going much better. I had a dinner party the second Friday in January – wonderful time! I also had guests over for a New Year’s Day drop-in, and I hosted this month’s prayer gathering for the Sunday school class.

And I did a bunch of other stuff – got sick (again! Good grief, this season I’ve been down at least three or four times),  had beautiful new flooring installed – that’s its own separate drama and post – and joined two new Toastmasters groups. I’ve been staying too busy to post much. Sorry ’bout that, kids. I’ll do better.

Now for your viewing pleasure, a link my cousin Tim in North Dakota sent me about a train plowing its way through snow so deep you can’t even see the tracks (just click on the link):


Video taken at a crossing near Donnybrook, North Dakota, about 40 miles northwest of Minot on US 52.

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