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From earlier this year

Earlier this year I got to participate in a musical presented at the Spring District 58 Toastmasters convention in Greenville.


On the Stage!
On the stage at the Spring Musical


The musical, presented at our Toastmasters convention, showcased a “mock” Toastmasters meeting. I got to give a funny speech which poked fun at the bad use of gestures. There I am flapping my wings like a chicken. The next song we sang was “I had a chicken”:

I had a chicken – No eggs would she lay – I had a chicken – No eggs would she lay. One day a rooster came into the yard – He caught that chicken right offa her guard.


She’s laying eggs now

Just like she used to

Ever since that rooster

Come into the yard!

And so on with additional verses which go downhill from there.

We all had a blast with it. The gentleman below is a father of eight, respected pastor, noted singer and championship speaker:

Henry takes the stage at the Spring Conference.
Henry uses all his talents in the Musical at the Spring Conference.

The Theatre in our time has known few such moments.

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