Moving Out of the Darkness

Two of my friends have family members who have committed suicide.  I probably know more, but those are the two who’ve told me about their experience. Last year Karen walked in memory of Mo at the  Boston “Out of the Darkness” walk. This year Dennis will walk in memory of not one, but two brothers he’s lost to suicide.  I’ll let him say it best:

I am sorry you have to read about it here, but suicide is not something you talk about much, in fact most times I go out of way to avoid it completely. In 1983, while I was a junior at college, my older brother Mark committed suicide. And if the story were to stop right there, it would be sad enough, but in 1994 my younger brother Matthew did the same. Even while just typing these words I am overcome with tremendous grief. The pain of a suicide hits you at the weirdest times and it has the power to absolutely floor you. Now it’s time for me to get off the floor and help others.

If you can get off the floor and help by tossing a few dollars his way, you can donate online at his page. Karen’s walking again this year in New York; you can donate at her page too.

The money raised goes to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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