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The joys of a free weekend… blessing no. 9

It is wonderful to NOT have to go into work today. Quite a few of my coworkers are implementing a major project code release today – and they’re at the office. One woman told me she’d be there from 8 to 4, another said she was supposed to be there from 10 to 6, but it would probably be more like 6 to 10! I’m so grateful I have this Saturday to take care of my stuff. Not that I have an entirely free day to loll around as I wish – not at all! The minute I quit typing and press enter I’ve got to start moving, list in hand. But it’s my stuff getting done and not the man’s – hurrah!

(And one thing on that list is coming back to my blog today and explaining what I mean by my list of gifts in my last post. All will be explained later today!)

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