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A delicious New York lunch

I had to, just had to hit the Grand Central Station Oyster Bar while I’m in NYC.  The place was only a short subway ride away from my hotel – in fact, all I had to do was hop on the shuttle from Times Square and 42nd to Grand Central Station.

I quickly found a place at the bar and ordered, then sat back to watch the cooks at work.

Oyster Bar chefs
The crew at the Oyster Bar got the lunch orders out quickly.

Since it was only 39 degrees outside I decided to have the oyster stew. It came dusted with paprika.

bowl of oyster stew
Lovely bowl of oyster stew

I could have had lots of different oysters:

Oyster menu
Who knew there were so many different types of oysters?
last oyster in the bowl
Just one left
Stew's all gone
All gone – it was delicious!

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