Planning another Keto week

Keto cooking (or any cooking) for one leaves LOTS of leftovers. I just finished my Keto chili (awesome) today at lunch. And I polished off the last of the chicken I made for recipes last night. Everything I’ve been “keto-izing” has been filling. Only one dish was a miss (a cheddar-beef soup. Too watery.) So now that I’m out of ready-made meals and leftovers, I’ve got meat and shrimp thawing in the refrigerator, ready for new recipes.

It’s time again: time to plan out the menu so I can get the grocery shopping done this weekend. And today I went back to Suzanne Ryan’s Simply Keto cookbook to find a few more incredible recipes. This week I’m trying new entrees, a breakfast dish, and two wonderful snacks. Some of the recipes are available for free on Suzanne’s website, Simply Keto.

If you try one, let me know how you liked it.

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