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Twitter isn’t my jam

I’m too wordy

As you’ve probably gathered from reading the last few posts, it’s hard to contain myself in 240 characters. Heck, my smaller posts here have at least 1,000. And as the Bard said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Guess I’m not much of a wit. <Sigh.>

I mostly just read

I love certain accounts and I hardly ever comment – I just read them. Sometimes I retweet; sometimes I’ll quote-tweet. But that’s about the extent of my “interactions.” Here’s a list:

  • @steveolivas – Steve Olivas is a man of many talents: ghost writer/collaborator with rock stars, host of the interview podcast “The Commute” AND the comedy podcast “Wrong and Wronger” with James Breakwell, a practicing psychiatrist, and, in his spare time, a rancher. Listen to “Wrong and Wronger” to learn about the mishaps on his ranch.
  • @vbspurs – This lovely lady focuses on tweets about the British Royals. It’s been a hoot following along as she read “Spare.” She saved me and many others the pain of reading that book – she just tweeted out commentary on the juicy bits, and we all got to chime in.
  • @wrathofgnon – His profile simply states “Traditionalist.” And his tweets celebrate all things traditional and beautiful, especially in older city plans, older buildings, and beautiful surroundings. I look forward to seeing his tweets whenever I want to take a break and luxuriate in beauty.
  • @okmaher – Kelly Maher is one of my favorite writers on urban farming. I follow her for pics of little goats, chickens and all sorts of farm adventures. She also has a Substack that’s well worth the subscription. If I add two chickens this year to my backyard, it will be because of reading her articles.

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