Meat for a month

Unboxing my ButcherBox

Please note – Butcher Box is not a sponsor. (Although I’m open to it!) Instead, I’m reviewing the shipment I received today because I am just that happy with the service. And it makes Keto living so much easier.

This afternoon I arrived home to find that this month’s Butcher Box meat delivery box was on the front porch, ready for me to load to my freezer. I quickly whisked it indoors and started taking the pictures I’m sharing with you during the unboxing. I used to worry about whether the meat will stay frozen. It can sit outside on my porch several hours between delivery and my arrival home. I needn’t have worried; these guys know what they’re doing with the amount of dry ice they put in the boxes. Even though the dry ice had evaporated, all my meat was still frozen and looked good.

Here’s what the package looked like, both inside and outside.

Here’s what I got in my custom box:

  • Two Filet Mignons
  • Two packages of Stew Meat
  • Two packages of ground beef
  • Two Flank Steaks
  • Two packages of Sirloin Tips
  • Two Ribeye steaks
  • A special add-on: Pork and Sausage Meatballs

After I’d been taking pictures for a little bit, I realized I didn’t have any of how good the meat looked! Behold:

Two Butcher Box Ribeyes

Can’t wait to share with you some of the finished dishes. Here’s to a month of good Keto meals!

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