How many carbs?

Keto surprise

Fish are good for you, right? And seafood – why, that’s practically perfect! Brain food. Good for you! Protein, fats, low-carb – what’s not to like?

That’s when my Atkins Food Tracker almost gave me a heart attack today. I was merely dining on shrimp I sauteed in garlic and butter, with lots of seasonings and lemon when I realized I needed to add it to the tracker. I looked up Sauteed Shrimp – and found that there was no such item. I then looked at “Cooked Shrimp” and thought – well, that’s basic enough. Turns out that generic listing contained 14.77 net carbs for 5 oz! (About 12 shrimp.) I about fell off my kitchen stool. How on earth were those people cooking shrimp – in a casserole laden with crackers and noodles? Then I decided to look at Shrimp Scampi. Ah – only 1.59 carbs for the 12. Whew. That leaves me plenty of room for my supper out tonight.

Shrimp scampi, from start to finish

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