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Keto Progress Report

It’s been a challenge. The newness has worn off, the first bloom of enthusiasm for this way of eating has faded. Now I’m struggling day to day to stay on it. Afternoons are the hardest time – especially when I’m working at the office two days a week. We have a snack cart, and it is so hard to turn that down!

Needed: all the tips and tricks

I got sloppy logging everything I ate in my Atkins tracker last week, and that’s shown. I’m back to writing it all down. I think I need to do better at weighing my food – I bought a beautiful food scale to make it easy; I just have to do it. And if I could get more keto-friendly veggies in my diet, that will be a plus! My lunchbox is my friend: I’m taking lunch to work each day and that is helping.

The good news

The weight is dropping – about a pound to a pound and a half per week. Total lost so far, since December: 15.4 pounds. My clothes feel looser! I’m constantly pulling up my pants. I have to go buy some new jeans soon. Or perhaps shop my closet – I’ve got lots of smaller size clothes squirreled away in boxes, in the hope against hope that one day I would wear them again. Maybe that day is now.

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