I just may turn this into a cooking blog….

…but the whole point of Notes from Aunt Jim is to keep my niece and nephews up-to-date on what their Aunt Jim is doing. And now I’m cooking. Tonight I made sweet potato fries:

Sweet potato fries about to go into the oven
Ready for the oven

I cut up two medium sweet potatoes (the last from my previous week’s CSA shipment) and tossed them with a little olive oil and seasonings. Twenty-five minutes later in a 425-degree oven and I had yummy baked sweet potato wedges, which I’m calling fries:

Sweet Potato fries, ready to eat
I can't wait to eat my sweet potato fries

I like ’em crunchy and brown. Don’t be hating! And they are wonderful … I’m finishing them up while I blog.

My niece called while I was cooking. I hated to cut you off, D., but I had to get those in the oven and go! Looking forward to getting my almond/nut/cranberry mix.

Here’s where I got the idea: Tasty Kitchen. Take a look and then give The Pioneer Woman‘s site a look … she developed Tasty Kitchen. Her original site is wonderful!

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