Sunday lesson

Sunday Lesson

Thanks, Kim, for posting these on our ABF class page! Because you send these out I get a chance to read through the lesson.

Series: Questions of Truth & Consequence?
Lesson Title: A Hill On Which To Stand
Date: Week of January 9
Lesson Passages: 1 Kings 18:20-21,37-39; 19:1-3,13-18

This lesson teaches us that we don’t have to try and convert people to Christians; however we should bring them to the point where they are ready to decide. For people to make no choice would mean they would go on with whatever it is they believe in.

That willingness to choose is a move toward faith because it shows an openness to allow God to work. The church has no greater task than to move people toward a willingness to choose. Then it must trust God and His grace with the rest.


  1. What kind of miracles does God do today to reveal himself to people? What are some examples of modern “Red Sea” experiences?
  2. Can faith ever be blind? Why or why not?
  3. Does prayer convince God to act when he would not act otherwise? What is the purpose of prayer? Does God always answer prayer?

There are times when we feel like Elijah did when he ran away out of fear. We want to hide in our own quiet place, and shut out the horror of the world. It is in these places where we can experience God’s love to the fullest.   God wants to comfort us in the same way He comforted Elijah, because He hurts even more than we do over all the evil around us.

The presence of the Holy Spirit within us brings us this peace, for He gives us a different perspective from which to view our situation.  If we listen to Him, He will help us through our worries, and give us peace.  Running from God only makes things worse. The choice and the responsibility are ours.

Share your testimony with an unbeliever this week. Describe in detail how you felt God’s presence during a stormy time in your life and His miracles you discovered after looking back at the situations.

Dear God, we are so grateful that you never leave us and that we can hear you clearly and feel your loving presence when we need you the most. Remind us to encourage others during similar times. Give us the courage to speak out your truth with every opportunity to bring followers to you.  Amen

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