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Messy day – Third snow of this winter

Pickles and I are busy watching the snow fall at Aunt Jim headquarters. It’s a mess here – the weather forecast is for ice to start coming down after the snow stops.

On top of that, I’m still sick from my latest cold.

At first I thought I’d go to work late for an important 11:30 a.m. meeting. Then three things happened: I looked out the window and saw what the situation looked like; I turned on the news and saw it was all weather, all the time on Channel 10, and I started coughing and couldn’t stop. So I had a re-think about going to work today.  I e-mailed the project lead for that effort and asked him to set up a conference call. Very, very few people are driving in this. Of course all the government offices and schools are closed. I haven’t seen one car go by in our neighborhood. One of my co-workers is working from home. My team lead got into work but sent an e-mail to all of us saying “I drove into the office this morning; however I questioned myself after I got about halfway in.  There were cars sliding off the road.” There were only two people from our team in the office.

Snow falling
Snow falling outside the glass door at 7 a.m. Jan. 10, 2010
The neighborhood from my front door.
Pickles watching the snow fall
Pickles monitors the snow storm. She's one of Channel 10 Weatherman Ben Tanner's weather watchers!

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