A Second Blessing, and a Third

Today I’m grateful for an in-house gym at work. All I have to do is ride the elevator to “B” and card-swipe my way in to the gym. No extra driving, no finding a parking spot. 

This year the company is pushing physical fitness like never before: they’re lowering the price of the gym memberships which were already a ridiculous $10 per pay period ($260 a year.) This year it’s $8 a pay period. And if you manage to make it 10 times in a four week period, then you get 50 percent off the price for the next month.

I’ve been to the gym 15 times this year. That’s roughly 14 times more than I’ve been in the past five years.

No. 3: Driving home from work (after working out) the sunset was the color of peach slices laid against a baby blue and white background.

3 thoughts on “A Second Blessing, and a Third

  1. I always feel less stressed after my runs. I can’t do treadmills. I do early morning runs. So I am grateful for seeing the moon when I begin my run, and the sun when I end it, absolutely beautiful.


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