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On living in a neighborhood with a HOA

I’m still not sure whether a Homeowners Association is a blessing or a curse. On the blessing side: our HOA has an all-volunteer board of neighbors who care enough about the neighborhood and keeping it nice to donate their time. On the curse side: I have to go to meetings of the HOA board. And then there are the rules which sometimes seem picayune. Tonight one of the board members was trying to tell everyone that no one should be able to plant flowers by their doors, because that didn’t promote a uniform look. Good grief! One of the board members has a virtual Garden of Eden right outside her door, so that suggestion didn’t go over too well. My next-door neighbor grows irises which shame me daily. She takes such good care of her property while I pat myself on the back for keeping the bushes trimmed down. And she’s 92, which doubles the shame.

But that HOA does manage to keep our fees low – and it made sure all the houses were re-painted five years ago. So, let’s call the HOA gift no. 23.

One thought on “On living in a neighborhood with a HOA

  1. I just moved into an HOA neighborhood, because I AM an anal person. My last home was not in a HOA neighborhood and the people across the street woud have half of their blinds missing, toys in yard, and did not upkep the property at all (I hated it) I dont like that I have to ask to plant thing on my property but hey its better and being in a neighborhood where you can do nothing about people not taking care of their home…


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