Two odes to Keto, courtesy of AI

ChatGPT gets Keto

I’ve been monkeying around with ChatGPT just like everyone else. Even though I swore I wouldn’t use it to write a post, that’s what I’ve ended up doing. Hope you enjoy the crazy stuff the machine came up with!

I thought it would be fun to ask the AI bot about Keto. Then I thought – why not test its poetry skills? Hence, a poem about Keto in the style of Shakespeare.

Oh Keto, fair diet of low-carb might,

With roots so deep, it brings forth new light.

Thou banisheth grains, and sugar's sweet vice,

And bringeth balance to body and spice.

Thy fat doth burn, and energy soars,

With strength and clarity, and health restored.

And though some may scoff, and call it a plight,

Thou standeth firm, as truth in the night.

So here's a toast, to this way of life,

With food so pure, it banishes strife.

And though it may take some effort and care,

Thou wilt reap the reward, so bountiful and fair.

So hold fast to the path, of this noble quest,

And let the journey, to health be blessed.

For Keto, thou art the diet so right,

That brings balance, and joy, both day and night.

Ok, well it rhymed. And scanned fairly well too. But – it really wasn’t the Shakesperean effort I was thinking of; I wanted a sonnet. Remembering that you have to specify EVERYTHING to a computer, I politely requested a sonnet on Keto. And this is what ChatGPT gave me. The machine does enjoy rhyming “strife” and “life.”

When I consider how my body thrives,

With Keto's low-carb, high-fat delight,

I find within my heart a newer life,

And healthier days that banish endless night.

This way of eating, though some may revile,

Is based on science, proven and true,

And brings to me a sense of power so wild,

That I with joy, my journey do pursue.

No longer do I struggle with my weight,

Or suffer from a lack of energy,

For with this diet, I am strong and great,

And feel a sense of clarity, so serene.

So let us celebrate the Keto life,

And all the blessings it brings, free from strife.
Shakespeare on Keto, by DALL-E

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