Failing and getting back up

Keto is a journey.

What do you do when your willpower flags and fails? Do you get right back on the Keto way of eating, or do you wallow for a bit, then gradually make you way back to it? Me: I’ve done a little bit of wallowing over the past three days. Day 1, I had a small slip. Day 2, I said to heck with it at lunch and had a roll. Then snacks off the snack table at work. Then I threw Keto out entirely and chowed down on bread, bread and more bread at dinner, waking up the next day feeling awful. Day 3 – yesterday: I got it together and once again got back on my program.

Dust yourself off, forward ho!

That was a much quicker recovery than I’ve ever experienced before! In all my years of trying new diets, staying on diets, falling off diets, and getting back on diets – I’ve NEVER been able to get right back on my program the day after a big slip. What is helping me is realizing how much I like this way of eating. Plus, ketogenic eating, when done right, does suppress your appetite. All that fat satiates you!

In recovering this time, I decided to do something positive and scour the Web for inspiration. I chuckled at these memes, which I’m sharing below. The first is a good reminder from Mechelle Sellers:


The next two are from my new favorite Keto inspiration website, The Keto Minimalist:

Next, one I intend to put up on a wall in my office:

And last, my favorite one of all:

Tell me how you’re managing to stay on your Keto program!

One thought on “Failing and getting back up

  1. Great job on bouncing back so quickly and getting back on track with your Keto program! Your positive attitude and determination are inspiring. Keep up the good work!
    Ella Davidson


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