Mine mine meatloaf

Keto Comfort Food

Hi everyone! I’m back! I took a week off from posting due to a heavy work schedule, being out of town last weekend, and oh heck, let’s blame it on the time change. I’m back to sharing Keto deliciousness.

It’s been mostly cold this week in S.C. – where did Spring go? I decided today to make myself a hearty cold-weather dish – meatloaf. But no breadcrumbs, thank you very much. When I turned to keto options, my first thought was my favorite Suzanne Ryan cookbook and guide, Simply Keto. But alas, no recipe for meatloaf. (It’s probably in her second book which I don’t have yet.) So off to a web search, and I found a recipe with Easy in the title – just my speed. Here’s the complete recipe for Easy Keto Meatloaf on

It earns the 4 1/2 stars

This article isn’t just the recipe – it’s also a good guide to all the replacements you can use for breadcrumbs. This recipe uses chicharrones, which is a fancy way of saying pork rinds. They’re carb-free and surprisingly delicious. The recipe itself – yum. I just had it for lunch and I have to say, it earns the 4 1/2 star rating on the website. I’d give it five.

On to the good stuff

The meatloaf itself has combines the usual spices, along with grated parmesan and those chicharrones.

Is it really a mistake – or something else?

Of course I’m going to err following the recipe. I prefer to think of it as an “alteration.” I didn’t read the recipe carefully enough. It tells you to use the loaf pan only to shape the meatloaf – I just plopped the loaf pan into the oven. That left the fat to really soak into the meatloaf. Is that bad?

Probably should have minced the onions a little finer, but I LOVE onions.

Such a good sauce on top

Once I put the loaf in the oven to cook, I set about making the sauce. This time I photographed all the ingredients together, along with a manually operated can opener. Make sure you have one in case the power goes out. The sauce turns into a glorious paste which you spread over the top of the loaf after the first 20 minutes of baking.

The final dish

Once you’ve pulled it out of the oven, be sure to let it rest at least 10 minutes.

Now you see why they tell you not to cook it in the loaf pan.

Then – it is time to dig in! This was so good I had two slices – my first slice was far too dainty. I enjoyed it thoroughly. If you make this meatloaf, you will too!

The photo doesn’t do it justice. It was delicious. Look how juicy!

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