Planning the garden

A February pleasure

My daffodils are already blooming! It’s time to plan out the rest of the garden for my backyard. And heck, I need to get some things re-planted in the front. First up: about 15 new bales of pine straw so I can properly edge all the beds in the front yard. And in April I’m digging up those poor dead hydrangeas in the front bed – victims of a zealous over pruning when I didn’t know any better – and replant some beautiful Encore azaleas.

The below plan is NOT to scale – but it gives you the general idea of what I have to work with in my backyard. I’m thinking of an entire bed of green beans (I have four raised beds) because I want to try canning at the end of the season. And I’m still working out where to put all the seeds I’ve bought and will be starting under the grow lamps very soon. In the flower bed at the right – there will be marigolds galore. Oh – I forgot to note the daylilies – they’re on the right just above the Iris.

My garden plan, so far

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