Keto Convenience

Keeping it Keto in a Rush

For the past few weeks I haven’t been able to spend as much time lovingly preparing all my dishes, taking pictures of each ingredient, and then posting reviews of all the recipes I’ve made. And I’ve felt guilty about that! Recently, the wonderful @iLibertyBelle on Twitter, who is a Keto-Diva (yes, it’s totally a word) inspired me.

And one of the tweets in that thread (please, go read it – it is wonderful!) made me realize I don’t need to continuously eat like a chef. I can keep it simple so I can get everything done in my day and still be early to bed:

Easy-peasy food

Rotisserie chicken, string cheese (heck, any kind of cheese) and eggs are a lifesaver. Sad I needed a reminder to pick up rotisserie chicken!

Gorgeous rotisserie chicken, courtesy of Publix

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